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About Us

Details about our history, mission and some recent race results

Our History

Started in 2007, MaxPower Cycling has grown form a small team of like-minded individuals into the superb group of members it is today. Our motto “Race it Forward” embodies our belief that cycling is not an individual endeavor to be coveted, but a team sport where lifetime bonds of friendship and trust are created.

Our Mission

The club operates to promote a positive image for Cycling, MaxPower Cycling, the Club’s sponsors and other affiliates. The Club offers members opportunities to experience interpersonal growth, social development, improve physical and mental health and develop a lifetime skill for a healthier lifestyle. Through competition, the Club provides an environment for social interaction and team building, all while providing a marketing base for the companies that underwrite and sponsor the team(s).

Our Achievements


  • 3rd Overall, 1st Place AG (TT & RR), Empire State Senior Games – David Grieves
  • 1st Place, Cat 5 Men, Trooper Brinkerhoff Memorial Race – Ben Rabin
  • 1st Place – Winona IditaFAT Bike Race, Women 25K – Helene Schimdt
  • 1st Place – Winona IditaFAT Bike Race, Men 12K – Ben Rabin


  • 2nd Place, Cat 5 Men, Syracuse Race Weekend – Dan Pone
  • 2nd Place, SS Men, Syracuse Race Weekend – Ben Rabin
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